How You Can Help Me Go From Ordinary to Extraordinary!

This is my 2nd posting to my “How to See the Big Picture” blog.

My blog will improve in appearance and content as I figure things out. It’s very basic now as I did it all by myself – which is impressive since I am not technologically inclined  at all . Even though I did take introduction to linear programming in the 1979 (precursor to computers).  I never learned how to videotape TV shows and now videotapes are extinct. I never bothered to fully read the manual to my car that I had for 20 years. I have an iPhone but only know a small percentage of what it is capable of (analogous of how little we know of our own brains!).

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How & Why to See the Big Picture

bowl of watermelon rinds on white wrought iron table with fowers
How eating watermelon rinds can help you to see the big picture.

Very simply, it can save your life.

If that sounds too dramatic or is not of your concern, then at least you will be healthier and happier.

Seeing the big picture may sound like a big undertaking needing a lot of time but actually the opposite is true. Once you learn how, it is like having a knife to cut through the crap to get to the essence.

Once you know how, everything actually becomes simpler and easier.  You actually save time because you become effective in achieving what you want be it things, great relationships, goals.

This does not mean that you will have to do great things , but you may develop the desire and will have the capability to do so.

However ,  doing even the smallest of things in everyday life can contribute to a big change for humanity, like starting to eat the white part of the  watermelon rinds, instead of just the red part of the watermelon itself.

( I start with a food example since I have a mighty appetite and am always thinking about food! more on this later..)

My husband loves watermelons and could be happy eating only watermelon all day and  everyday, especially in the summer. This is not  bad considering the nutritional and cleansing value of watermelon, but he does need leave room for veggies!  However, i was concerned about the large amount of  waste that was left behind to go into the compost or garbage, so I started to eat it! .

Turns out not only are the white parts of the watermelon rind  highly nutritious , but it helps satisfy my hunger and quench my thirst. . Moreover, it  was something I ate to help me lose weight  easily and keep it off without dieting . because of its low caloric value and low glycemic index, whereas eating only the red part of the watermelon will make me hungrier. I have even used it to put in soups – sort of like one would use to put bitter melon in a Chinese style soup.  A Mexican friend  even uses the green parts to put in smoothies but I do not think i would do that, unless it was organic. My cousins from Taiwan used to use the white parts to help their complex

In another example, I rescued an abandoned  whole  pumpkin that was sitting on top of my condo’s complex  compost bin after Halloween and easily made pumpkin/oatmeal/kefir muffins from the pulp and toasted pumpkin seeds. (to be in a future blog post).

So how does this help to see the big picture?

You will gradually start looking at fruit and veggies differently, wondering how can you get the most out of it ?

By valuing the not so obvious parts in fruits, you will start to value the not so obvious in life.

By seeing that a pumpkin can fulfill multiple  roles- as Halloween decoration and  tasty  nutritious food.

You start by seeing the big picture, while reducing landfill , your food budget and your waistline!

I would love to hear about your stories –  how you do you use the  not so obvious parts of fruits and vegetables ?

Empower your life with Feng Shui

Article on feng shui written by Patricia Chang in magazine             “Montreal en Sante”. Note- she did not chose the graphics which she finds not quite balanced…

This was an article “Feeling Feng Shui; Harmony in the Home & in Life” that I wrote for a magazine Montréal en Santé which is distributed to physicians, hospitals and at public places within the Montreal area.

 (I had wanted to call it “Empower Your Life with Feng Shui” which to me expresses the purpose of learning about feng shui  but was overruled by the editor. 

It’s difficult for most people to believe that something as simple as rearranging furniture, adding plants or changing artwork can positively affect one’s life. The best way to appreciate feng shui is to experience it firsthand. Start by understanding the essence of feng shui, which is how your home & work environments affect all aspects of your life.

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Feng Shui Home Staging

This appeared on my old real estate website but it’s still relevant so here it is !  

Please note that the photos appear dated..and they are!  I never had the time to update them and also felt that homeowners would not wish to have their “before” photos made public. However,   you can still benefit from the information. 

When we, at Westmount Realty, stage properties we work with basic Feng Shui  and architectural planning principles such as balancing elements (fire, metal, wood, air, earth), balancing  furniture and objects within a space,  checking   that the occupants are in command position, making sure doors can open freely (i.e. objects are not obstructing the door) and  clearing clutter.

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Feng Shui Stories

Note to readers.

This was from a webpage from my old real estate website .My new real estate website will not be featuring feng shui so I thought this page would fit perfectly here, as the feng shui information is still relevant. I have written other material about feng shui for a magazine and for a conference which will be posted as separate entries.

The following are Feng Shui stories recounted by Patricia Chang, Chartered Real Estate Agent in Westmount, Quebec.

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